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Friday, November 03, 2006

Former GOP Congressman Calls Pelosi 'Smart,' 'Competent'

Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California could be an effective speaker of the House, should the Democrats take control of the chamber, says one former Republican lawmaker.

"I know Nancy Pelosi. I like Nancy Pelosi. I do not agree with the demonization of her that my party is carrying on right now," says Vin Weber, a GOP member of Congress from 1981 through 1993. "I think she will be as effective a speaker as her party will allow her to be. She is a competent person."

Democrats need to pick up a net 15 seats in the House to win a majority.

Pelosi represents a liberal district, but she is a "competent, smart politician," adds Weber, today managing partner at the firm Clark & Weinstock.

Still, should Pelosi win, she will face a daunting task considering that the next election will occur alonside a presidential contest, Weber says.

"The next election is a presidential election. It is going to be determined largely by who wins the presidential election whether, and the House will swing one way or the other," he says. "So every decision will once again become highly, highly politicized."


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