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Friday, January 26, 2007

Belisi Fashions Combine Sophistication of Palm Beach, Italy

A suit is a suit, is a suit: shirt, slacks, jacket. Not much more to be said.

But I've found the right tie makes all the difference. For years, I'd spend my days on Capitol Hill, where a suit is essentially mandatory. Picking the right tie to dress everything up or express a mood often has made the difference between another day at the office and something special.

Now imagine being able to boast that you never wear the same tie twice. Peter Belisi, of Belisi Fashions, can.

But fortunately, for Peter Belisi, luxury and sophistication need not be petty and superficial. In fact, for Belisi, his principle is "luxury with meaning" and he says he is committed to fighting poverty, protecting the environment, seeking justice and funding medical research.

Belisi's is a unique story of success.

Belisi began as a bartender in Palm Beach, where his clients lived the sort of fashion Belisi himself longed for. With no savings to speak of, Belisi created his own line of ties -- and from there began a fashion adventure.

At Belisi Fashions, Belisi has added scarves and handbags for women to his collection of high-end ties.

“Belisi unites the luxury and prestige of Palm Beach with Italian beauty and sophistication," Belisi says, explaining the value of his brand. "Inside Belisi we cultivate a passion for exquisite materials and skilled craftsmanship. Each dramatic detail, represents our unwavering quest to fashion products of truly enduring value.”

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