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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Calculate Your Carbon Emissions On Your Big Day

If your idea of getting hitched without a hitch includes limiting your emissions of greenhouse gases, a magazine for the environmentally and socially responsible bride and groom has the site for you.

In partnership with NativeEnergy, Portovert magazine is launching a Web site on Feb. 14 that will allow you to easily calculate the carbon emissions produced by the principal wedding-related carbon sources: guest travel, lodging, and venue power and heat.

"Weddings are a special way to announce a lifetime commitment," says Portovert magazine's editorial director, Meghan Meyers. "But the truth is, even the most eco-savvy couple will create carbon emissions on their wedding day."

By helping build new renewable energy projects with NativeEnergy, couples can take a proactive, responsible step towards a brighter,better future, the magazine says. For as little as $12 per ton of carbon offsets, brides and grooms can make a quick, easy investment in renewable energy by choosing one of three options: helping build new wind power projects, new family farm methane energy projects, or a combination of both.

Meyers urges couples to tackle today's weighty issue of global warming in manageable increments. "Every effort counts," says Meyers, who suggests couples not focus on the financial feasibility of offsetting their entire wedding but instead suggests making a manageable percentage of the wedding carbon-neutral.

For tips on ways to reduce your wedding carbon footprint, check out thefeature article in Portovert magazine's March issue (online on March 1).

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