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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mac Poker Site Comprehensive Resource For Online Gamblers

The Mac Poker Online website is an established site for those Mac and Linux users looking for avenues to participate in online poker play, and it clearly aims to be a comprehensive site. (Support for Linux users is a apparently a new, welcome feature since the last time I reviewed this site.)

The site aims to lay out different options in an easy, at-a-glance format, for Pacific Poker, Fulltilt Poker and others.

In addition to reviews and such, the site has links to those sites it recommends, and importantly, a link to an article about the legality of Americans playing online poker, and further, that article includes links to a variety of other resources (including videos) on the issue of legality.

My only suggestions would be to keep the comprehensiveness but to display it differently. Right now the site seems almost too packed and busy. Also, some aspects of the home page seem to be out of date. But for a Mac or Linux user who loves poker, this is a good website to start from.

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