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Monday, December 22, 2008

A Great Way To Spend Your Holiday Cash

With the economy putting so many warning signs on giving and getting store gift cards as holiday presents, perhaps this year you will find yourself getting more "cash gift cards" instead -- you know, those credit card-like gift cards that work like cash.

If that's the case, consider using them to buy yourself some personal accessories. The word "accessories" in this context has a distinctly feminine connotation -- you know, handbags, gloves, hair accessories, etc.

But the ShopWiki website actually has "accessories" for men and women, like watches, caps, sunglasses, etc., so anybody and everybody could find something they like and could use.

The usual benefit of buying through ShopWiki applies -- the site aggregates deals across the Web, not just through specific partners. Plus, ShopWiki offers a variety of helpful links to other fashion sites, blogs, and such so that you can find out more information about accessories and which one or ones might be right for you.

This was a sponsored post.

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