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Friday, May 15, 2009

Make Your 401(k) Golden

The evaporation of 401(k) and other U.S. retirement accounts as the economy has tanked is, at this point, both a cliche and a collective experience.

Are you afraid for your retirement savings? Consider making your 401(k) account golden -- literally.

You can add gold as an investment to support your retirement accounts if you buy gold coins. In fact there are specific conditions that make buying gold coins and the ability to buy gold bullion optimium -- which is why gold is called th "crisis commodity."

Do any of these sound familiar? War, budget deficits, rising oil prices, defaults on loans?

Of course they do -- they come straight from the headlines we read every day. They also happen to be many of conditions when it makes the most sense to buy gold.

Click on any of these links to find out more about investing in gold, and to find out how to ask about a gold ira transfer.

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