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Sunday, October 21, 2007

An Alternative For Student Loans

Whether you're a student, recent grad, or parent, one thing from college that you likely have in common is student loans.

Maybe those loans are weighing you down. That debt may be keeping you from taking the next step in your life -- buying a car, a home, or (for parents) planning your retirement. is offering a new solution, through their Student Loan Consolidation program.

The Student Loan Consolidation bundles all of your federal student loans into one managable loan with one monthly payment, and you can lock in your payments with a fixed rate.

How much could you save? Visit the website and use their online loan calculator to see how you would benefit in your particular situation.

After that, you can apply right online. See how this unique service could free you financially and unlock more of your future today.

NextStudent also offers Private Student Loans, where you can qualify for your full cost of education in as little as 15 minutes. It's another source of educational funds and it could be tax-deductable.

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