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Monday, December 29, 2008

The Science of Biometrics, Now For Your Home

The technology of computerized identification of individuals based on distinguishing characteristics was once belonged to the world of science fiction. Remember the Starfleet computer recognizing Captain Kirk by an iris scan in the film Wrath of Khan, for instance?

No longer. In fact, biometrics as an area exploded following the 9/11 attacks as homeland security concerns drove the need for new, more efficient ways to authenticate people. Well, that homeland security technology is now finding its way into commercialized -- even consumer -- applications today.

That's what's behind the concept of the keyless lock. Imagine securing access to home simply by use of your fingerprint. What keyless entry systems did for convenience and security for our personal vehicles, the keyless lock system will do for our homes.

Consider that with a keyless lock you and your family need not be locked outside for want of a misplaced house key. Indeed, your home biometric system can be programmed for temporary, conditional access by others -- such as a petsitter or a neighbor coming to check your mail while you are away.

It's amazing to me that when you stop to think about it, we have relied on basically the same ancient physical key-entry technology for our homes for hundreds of years, with no advance -- until now. I just wonder why it took until the 21st century to move this concept and this old tech forward.

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