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Monday, August 31, 2009

Buying A Car After Cash For Clunkers

We've all heard how successful the government's "cash for clunkers" car-buying rebate program was -- so much so, the government had to go back and put more money into it to keep it going.

Cash for clunkers, however, is now history.

Are you thinking of buying a new car, but did you miss it? Or did your particular "clunker" just not qualify for a rebate under the program?

Carmakers and their dealers are looking to keep interest in car-buying alive, even after the end of the federal rebates.

One of the major objective of cash for clunkers was for consumers to retire their older gas guzzlers in favor of new, more fuel efficient models.

You can still get in on this goal, as well, and there are resources on the Internet to help.

You can go online to compare makes and models, including gas mileage information for a variety of vehicles, including honda, the lexus rx, and infiniti brands.

Look them up and compare and contrast different vehicles. See how the different fuel efficiencies stack up versus the cost of the vehicle, as well as reliability, maintenance costs and other important factors.

Click on the links above to get a sense of the detail of the reviews at hand. This website features both snapshot details and more in-depth reviews --- depending on the information you need and your level of interest.

Of course, the "guts" of a car isn't everything. You may be primarily interested in style. That's okay, too, because these links will also present a variety of car photos, so you find the hottest ride you can afford!

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